Services: Registered Dietitian

Registered Dietitian: Why you need a dietitian?

  • • Tips and strategies for healthy eating habits
  • • The RD will educate you with the goals of maintaining and improving your health.
       He can create a custom meal plan to help you meet your objectives
  • • Counsel and support you to make changes in your eating habits to promote health and prevent chronic illness
  • • Advise athletes on how a healthy diet can optimize their performance and recovery from injury
  • • Reasons we don't eat well - tips to eat smart


Why Pro-Nurti?

  Dietitian Nutritionist
Health care professional
Bachelor degree specializing in food and nutrition
Complete supervised practical training through a university
Registered with a provincial regulatory body
Committed to ethical practice
Here in Pro-nutri


Exceptionally Accurate Equipment

In Body 230

The InBody230 provides precision body composition with segmental lean analysis and body fat analysis in less than 30 seconds.

Nutri-base Pro 11

Nutrition software, which make the dietitian work extremely accurate and apprehensive. Nutri-base is capable of analyzing your food intake will provide an accurate report regarding the macro and micro nutrient intake.



Initial Consultation: $85

During a one on one visit with the dietitian for an hour, he will complete a nutrition assessment, assess medical history, discuss current eating habits, and set specific goals.

Follow-ups: $45

The dietitian will assess your progress and will provide feedback for improvement. These visits are critical to your success. Follow-up visits provide support, and allow for ongoing nutrition education.

Body composition & basal metabolic rate: $50

This body composition & basal metabolic rate is done using the In body 230. It will give you a breakdown of the amount of fat, muscle, and water in your body. This information is crucial to establish realistic goals and to monitor progress over time.

Meal planning: $60/Week

The RD will create a custom meal plan with recipes, based on your nutrition concerns, likes, dislikes and allergies.

Computer Diet analysis $75/Week

After providing the dietitian with the 7-day period of record of what you eat, the computer diet analysis will provide you with a printed detailed accurate report regarding your macro-micro nutrients intake. Then in an individual appointment, the dietitian can adjust your diet in regards to your need outlined by this computer diet analysis.

Phone/E-mail Follow-Up

Busy to come for a follow up with your RD, 15mins phone or even email follow up can be your best option that will suit you better.

Phone Follow-Up: $50 for 30 minutes or $25 for 15 minutes
E-mail Follow-Up: $20 per e-mail

Couples and families $140

For your initial consultation, the registered dietitian can meet you and a family member (or a friend) at the same time. The same services will be offered as the individual consultation but at a lower rate.

Package #1 $235

• Initial consultation
• 3 follow ups
• Body composition
• Basal metabolic rate assessment

Package #2 $300

• Initial consultation
• 5 follow ups
• Body composition
• Basal metabolic rate assessment

Initial Consultation $35
Follow-ups $35
Body composition & basal metabolic rate $35
Computer Diet analysis $50/Week

If interested please call or text on 613 265-7159