Services: Aquatherapy


Whirlpool and aquatic therapy are popular treatments for clients with arthritis, chronic pain and musculoskeletal injuries. This type of therapy involves submersing the injured or painful body part in water. The whirlpool jets can help reduce swelling and ease pain. It is also easier to move injured joints and limbs in water due to the buoyancy from the water. This requires less effort from the muscles themselves thus, giving them additional time to recover. Warm water is also very soothing and the heat will make joints and muscles more mobile. An aquatherapy session involves a Registered Phsyiotherapist or Certified Kinesiologist, who will design an exercise program for the client to complete in a whirlpool tub in the clinic or in a community pool. Often, the water is either waist or chest deep. By using water instead of weights, you can strengthen muscles, improve balance, and increase flexibility. Aquatherapy is an excellent choice if you find exercising in a gym too painful due to the weight-bearing through your joints

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