Services: Rehab/Kinesiology


Kinesiologists are specialists in the science of human movement. After four years of university education in Kinesiology, they become experts in how the human body functions, as well as how to return it to optimal function after injury.

By conducting fitness and movement assessments, Kinesiologists can design and implement rehabilitation programs and also help you enhance your physical performance in exercise, sport, recreation, work and life in general.

If you've been injured, the team at Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres will provide one-on-one support, and ensure your program is tailored to your needs. Your program will include training, education, empowerment and even fun!

Rehab and kinesiology services include:
• Injury rehab/exercise therapy
• Personal training/exercise programs in the gym at your nearest Pro Physio centre
• Health promotion/education
• Biomedical applications/gait analysis
• Rehabilitation equipment assessment and prescription
• Ergonomics
• Disability case management

Rehabilitation promotes healing, strength, and increased range of motion. Moreover, these methods help to prevent re-injury, and encourage an active lifestyle. By educating patients in exercise, they are empowered to become co-participants in their own recovery process.

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