Services: Manual & Manipulative Therapists (Part A & B)

Manual & Manipulative Therapists &B)

Manual and manipulative therapists are Registered Physiotherapists who have completed advanced training in spinal and peripheral joint manipulations and manual therapy. They have been examined by the Orthopedic Division of physiotherapy and are members of Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapists. These physiotherapists use their hands to assess and treat with joint manipulation or mobilization in various orthopedic conditions. The goals of this treatment are to relieve pain and restore normal joint mobility and function.

Part A/B Mentorship Program available for those physios working towards accumulating their mentorship hours and planning to challenge their Part A/B Manual Therapy Exams.

Educational Mentorship Sessions held on Saturday mornings with a Part B Physiotherapist – interactive and practical sessions, open to all physiotherapists on staff, complimentary.

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