Services: Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic Assessments

An ergonomic assessment is performed at your job site by a Regisitered Physiotherapist or Certified Kinesiologist who has additional courses and training in ergonomics. The goal of this assessment is to identify which factors in your workstation or work activities may be causing overuse and repetitive strains and affecting your performance. An in-office ergonomic assessment can provide details on a healthy workstation set-up that will alleviate repetitive strain injuries and postural pain. Factors which often play key roles are the poor seating, desk organization, computer height/position, and phone location. The Registered Physiotherapist or Certified Kinesiologist will interview you to hear your concerns and comments, observe you while performing your regular tasks, take measurements of your workspace, and map the layout of the workspace. They will then write a comprehensive report including the current limitations and problems, with recommendations and suggestions to improve the situation. Having a proper workstation will decrease the risk of the workplace injuries, improve productivity and job satisfaction.

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