Services: Functional Capacity Evaluations

Functional Capacity Evaluations

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a comprehensive evaluation of an individual's ability to perform their work-related tasks using objective and measurable tests. Functional Capacity Evaluations may be performed to determine your current functional capabilities and to assess which work activities you may be most at risk in developing an injury. The evaluation can identify both the abilities and the limitations a person has for the work activities. This evaluation is often requested by the employer or the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB). It is designed to provide the worker with education to return to work in a safe and productive manner. The FCE will also outline for the employer the physical demands and risks of the employee's job tasks. A Job-Site Analysis or Job Coaching is often requested by the employer to assist the employee in a safe return to work. The on-site evaluation will be performed by our Certified Kinesiologist or Registered Physiotherapist and will include questionnaires, work scenarios, and standardized tests.

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