Services: Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist

Hélène Charlebois - Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist

My name is Hélène Charlebois. I am a Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist. Being a leading expert in food and nutrition with over 25 years of experience, I can help you reclaim your health with realistic, effective eating strategies that will fit into your life (busy as it is!)

I prefer to be known as a food coach, a kitchen cheerleader, and a fun fact finder dedicated to helping YOU reclaim your relationship with food and manage your health.


What are your nutrition-related goals?

  • • Include healthy eating strategies in your everyday life?
  • • Have access to reliable food advice?
  • • Manage your specific health condition with food?
  • • Cultivate confidence in the kitchen and at the grocery store?
  • • Learn simple strategies toward health from a REAL expert instead of relying on Dr Google?


Nutrition Services

  • • Healthy Behavior within weight
  • • Diabetes & PreDiabetes
  • • Lifestyle Health Coaching
  • • Managing Hormones & Diet
  • • Gut Issues + Food Intolerances
  • • Low Sugar + Glycemic Index
  • • Blood Pressure + Heart
  • • Low Fat + Low Salt
  • • Women's Health – Menopause + PCOS



Consulting Sessions:

Initial session (60 minutes) for individuals & couples
Includes Body Weight Analysis with % body fat, fat free mass & body water plus a Nutrition / health consultation with initial nutrition care plan
Follow up sessions (30 minutes) or for couples (45 minutes)
Includes practical, hands on strategies to help achieve your health goals Fees reimbursable by medical insurance companies. Bilingual services.

Genetic Testing to 'Eat According to Your Genes'
The nutrition genetic test kits are available for purchase at Hélène’s office. The fees include the test kit plus a nutrition consulting session to help you understand, interpret and implement the results.
myDNA test kit

T14 genes to target weight, fat storage, fat burning
Includes a weekly meal & fitness plan. Best suited for people who want to lose weight.
39 genes for overall nutrition and exercise health

GeneBlueprint test kit

19 gene outputs targeting lifestyle
Training – Nutrition – Vitamin, Minerals - Environment

• Most accurate genetic prediction scores - 30 million variants analyzed!
• No additional testing or cost for new genetic prediction scores
• 12 week meal plan and workout plan

Best suited for people with a 'healthier' life but would like some 'fine tuning'

GeneBlueprint test kit

45 genes to target the person who already eats well and exercises regularly; this is to 'fine tune' ones health

Hard copy available



Address: 267 O’Connor Street, Suite 101 Ottawa, ON K2P 1V3
Phone: 613-234-9700
Fax: 613-567-2824

Questions? Contact Hélène’s personal email: