Services: Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are individualized inserts for your shoes that help to alleviate foot, knee, hip, or back pain. The orthotics are made from a foam imprint or cast mold of your foot which is sent to the lab where a certified Pedorthist fabricates the orthotics. Orthotics are designed to support the arch in the foot and distribute the weight evenly over the entire foot. This corrects the mal-alignment in the body and reduces the strain on the pain-sensitive soft-tissue. The physiotherapist will perform a gait analysis to assess your walking pattern and will look at the wear patterns of your current shoes when deciding the appropriate orthotics. Custom orthotics can last a couple of years, but foot mechanics change with age; therefore, an assessment of your feet and gait analysis should be done annually or when any new injury develops.

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